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My Generation
Abbey Road, Too

Abbey Road, Too - My Generation  [AMS 000014]  $15.00
Live Recording at the Abbey Road Restaurant & Grill, Lake Worth, Florida.  This recording was actually done before the Abbey Road disk listed above, (March 11, 1990 as opposed to March 18, 1990), but I didn't find it until after I had made the other disk set.  It's not quite as good, but has more interesting between-song comments.  In addition to having two instances of my guitar playing (if you want to call it that), this disk and the other Abbey Road disks document the rare occurrence of me being the announcer.  Usually my humor was unappreciated by the crowd.  I guess having to think while at a nightclub wasn't something that a lot of people enjoyed doing.  Probably even when they were not in a nightclub, either.  Unfortunately, the tape used to make this disk suffered from a couple of dropouts, but there's only two, and they aren't really that bad.  Consists of all copy material:
My Generation
Old Time Rock & Roll
Paint It Black
Color My World
Good Love
Love Is A Beautiful Thing
White Room
Born Under A Bad Sign
You Can't Do That
Let It Be
Mony, Mony
Touch Me
Lucky Man
Light My Fire

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