When playing the Real Audio clips:

 1.  To play a clip, click on the title of the piece.  A new, white, window will appear.  Click on the title again.  Real Player will auto-start, and play the clip.

 2.  For best results, under RealPlayer preferences, choose the Buffer to Limit of Memory option.

 3.  If the audio skips or stutters at the beginning of the piece, press STOP, wait for your computer to finish doing whatever it is that it's doing, then click PLAY.  If you have this problem, don't change windows or initiate any other action while the clip is playing.

 4.  You may go back to the previous page while you're listening to the clip, but if photographs in that page must be loaded, Real Player will skip or delay the audio until the load is finished.

 5.  If you get audio dropouts while playing the clips, make sure your  AutoRun CD feature is turned off.  You can find that option under Control Panel/System/Device Manager/CDROM.  Choose the CDROM drive shown on the list, and click Properties, then Settings.  Uncheck Auto Insert Notification.  Make sure you do this for all CDROM drives in your system.

 6.  Make sure you're playing a clip that's compatible with your ISP speed.  Most clips are optimized for a 28K modem, but a few are for higher speeds.  Those exceptions will be clearly indicated on the page.

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