Second Foundation

Approximate dates: February, 1974 - December?, 1974
Base of Operations:Findlay, Ohio
Manager: none
Agents: Arden Cooper Agency (Fred John)
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Flute, Percussion
    Michael Berry Osborn - Piano, Vocals, Synthesizer, Flute, Guitar, Percussion
    Timothy Micah Meyer - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Thomas Powell - Drums, Vocals

Brief History
    (See Foundation II for events leading up to the formation of Second Foundation)
    This was a weird little band.  We didn't have a guitar player other than Michael, and at that time, guitar was definitely not his strong suite.  I had taken out a bank loan from Tri-County Bank and bought an ARP 2600 synthesizer.  That and a Fender Dual Showman amp head cost me $2100.00.  (In 1971 I had bought a brand-new Ford Econoline 250 van for $4200.00).  Michael came up with a Moog Satellite (I think he borrowed it from Harry J. Hafferkamp; see Mt. Everest, My Generation, et al.)
    Finding Ricky Powell (see Brutus) was a Godsend.  Timothy basically wore him down; talked to him all day and night, probably slept on his front porch, I don't know what all he did do to convince him.  We worked for a while, on and off, but never approached the popular standing we had withFoundation II. It wasn't so much that we didn't have a guitar player as the material we were restricted to because of that.  Anyway, Michael got an offer from Canary, another very popular band based in Findlay.  They were one of Foundation II's chief competitors, along with a neat band called Stargate(Charles (Chuck) Thaxton (Mellotron, Hammond organ, EML Synthesizer), David C. Reddick (Guitars, Vocals), Glenn Roddy (Drums), Doug Amick (Bass Guitar), now deceased, and Craig Heckathorn, who wasn't with the band when I knew them. He was a vocalist, guitarist, and played a little keyboards).  (See David Reddick's current group's really cool home page at Stark Raven).  Rick would eventually play with a different incarnation of Stargate, in which Craig Markley replaced Charles on keyboards.  We were on great terms with Stargate, but not with Canary (we were a lot better!) even though the drummer in Canary was none other than William Dennis Gent (see Bacchanalia).  So, Michael went West with Canary when they moved to Denver, Colorado shortly thereafter.  Michael would go on to greater success with a group called Axe, with whom he would record several albums.  Tragically, on the eve of his obtaining a record contract for himself, he was involved in an accident with a semi-trailer truck, and was killed instantly.  He was the most talented musician I've ever met, one of my best friends, and I still miss him very much.

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Promo Photograph
    I don't think we ever had one.  Here's a contemplative photo of Michael.

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