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The Appalachia Session
Foundation II

Foundation II - The Appalachia Session   [AMS 000026]   $15.00

The results of a twenty-hour long, totally insane recording session on June 3, 1973 at Appalachia Recording Studio in Ohio.  Material is half original and half copy.

Click on  Woman From Tokyo by Deep Purple as performed by Foundation II to listen to that piece.
Woman From Tokyo features Reuben Ferguson (Hammond Organ), Robert Ferry (Guitar), Michael Osborn (Vocals, Piano), Timothy Meyer (Bass Guitar),  and Edward Bonham (Drums)

 You must have the RealPlayer G2 program installed in order to listen to the piece.  If you don't already have it, you can download it from RealPlayer.  You can get a copy for free, or get the deluxe version for $29.95.

Look At You, Look At Me
Woman From Tokyo
Two-Faced Woman
Cross-Eyed Mary
I'll Be Needing You
Live With Me

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