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MMMCCXXVIII - Bacchanalia   [AMS 000031]   $15.00
Primitive, exhuberant, weird, with some positively awful singing by Reuben.  This disk features two incarnations of the band: the first Bacchanalia (Timothy Meyer, Harry Hafferkamp, John Post, & Fred John) and the last (Timothy Meyer, John Post, William Gent, & Reuben Ferguson).  Includes three songs performed by Chocolate Floon (Reuben Ferguson, William Gent, Nick Perigini - Guitar, Vocals, Patrick ? - Bass Guitar).  Consists of copy and original music.
The First Bacchanalia
Baby, It's You - Smith
Tin Soldier - Small Faces
I'm So Glad - Cream
Something - The Beatles
San Francisco Girls - Fever Tree
Sonny Boy - Super Session
Break Song


The Last Bacchanalia
Speed King - Deep Purple
Saul Will Take It All - R.D. Ferguson
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Rose-Colored Glasses - T.M. Meyer
Meanderings - W.D. Gent
Beatles Medley - The Beatles
Doodlings - Bacchanalia
Wishin' - W.D. Gent & S. Mork
Gone, Gone Away - W.D. Gent
Pain - Bacchanalia
Rose-Colored Glasses - T.M. Meyer
Turn Me Over - Bacchanalia



Chocolate Floon
Sterling - R.D. Ferguson
Gone, Gone Away - W.D. Gent
Bloodsucker - Deep Purple


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