Approximate dates: January 24, 1976 - circa November, 1976
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents:  none
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals, Percussion
    David Collins - Guitar, Vocals
    Mitchell Godwin - Piano, Mellotron, Vocals
    Edward Mason - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    John Black - Drums

Brief History:
    This band never played anywhere but the rehearsal studio, but that was the idea to begin with.  We were trying to come up with enough original music to make a try at the record contract bit again, but we never really hit it hard enough.  David and Ed were working all the time (David at a dental lab and Ed at his own electronic repair business), I was going to school and trying to avoid working at my father's nursery, and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what Mitch was doing, even though we were roommates.  Actually, if I remember correctly, I think he was working part-time with David at a dental lab.  Then in August, during a business trip to Ohio, my father died, and suddenly I was the owner of a 71/2 acre plant nursery with about twelve employees.  This was a very difficult time for me.  By November, I had decided to terminate my relationship with the band. This was really a painful decision for me; I really liked all of the people in the band.  All of them were really nice guys, and we all got along very well.
    David Collins and Mitchell Godwin had worked together previously in Candy (see Bittersweet), a group in the Philadelphia area.  After I quit the band, both of them and Ed Mason moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Ed got a job at Kennedy Space Center, and I saw them when I later worked in Daytona (see Mt. Everest). (Also, see Brutus: the Pillow Talk Lounge in the Satellite Beach Motel).  I've recently corresponded with Mitch and Ed, and through Ed, John, but I still haven't tracked down David yet.  Dave, if you stumble onto this page, drop me a line.  Mitch, Ed, and John are still active in music, which I find very gratifying.
    I have recently discovered in my archives old tapes of some of our songs; they appear on the Waltz of the Egret CD.  The name comes from a song that I don't think we ever finished; at least, I don't have a copy of it.  The name of the band, George, actually came from a bad joke I made:  One of the guys (Dave, I think) had written a song called A Song.  We had been trying to come up with a name for quite a while, and couldn't agree on anything.  One day I said "Why don't we call the band George - then DJ's will be forced to announce A Song with the phrase:  Here's A Song by George!  (Pretty bad, huh?)  Anyway, (from desperation no doubt), it stuck.

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Promo Photograph
    We never had one, so here's the only photo I have of anyone in the band.

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