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Mt. Everest
The Lost Sessions

The Lost Sessions - Mt. Everest   [AMS 000029]  $15.00
    Studio recordings. Except for Needles and Pins, it's all original music.  Track numbers 2, 3, and 4 use the same instrument tracks as were used for Because It's There, but the lead vocals have been re-recorded by Chip Mills.  Track 1 is an edited version of track 4.  These tracks feature Harry J. Hafferkamp on guitar, bass guitar, and backing vocals; Tony Lavender on drums; Reuben D. Ferguson on organ, synthesizers, and backing vocals; and Chip Mills, lead vocals.
    Tracks 5-8 were done at Centuri Studios with Harry J. Hafferkamp on guitar and vocals; Reuben D. Ferguson on organ, synthesizers, and vocals; Lawrence F. Paris on drums and backing vocals; and Raymond C. Murtha on bass guitar.  Harry is sing lead on his two originals: Flee the Unknown and Take It As It Comes; and Reuben sings the lead on Needles and Pins.
Flee The Unknown (short ver.)
Metal Bully
Go For It
Flee The Unknown (long ver.)
Needles and Pins
Flee The Unknown
Take It As It Comes
Needles and Pins

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