Dynamo Humm

Approximate dates: 1976 ?
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents:  none
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Vocals, Percussion
    Jeff Chafin - Guitar
    Steve ? - Bass Guitar
    Harry Johnson - Drums

Brief History:
    This was actually a really crummy band.  (And the name was NOT my idea!)  We stunk big time.  (Sorry, guys!).  I think we only played one job; it was in Ft. Pierce, Florida at some run-down hole in the wall.  I was actually looking forward to playing there because I thought I could see a young lady named Sandy again.  I'd met her when Brutus played at the Ft. Pierce Big Daddy's, and become quite infatuated with her.  I did see her again, long enough for her to tell me she was engaged to be married.  Between that and the horrid condition of my career, it was not a good time.

Promo Photograph
    We never had a photo.

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