The Triotronics

Approximate dates: 1990?-1991?
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents: none
    Reuben David Ferguson - Synthesizers, Vocals, Percussion
    Harry James Hafferkamp - Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers
    Patty Pacheco - Vocals, Flute, Percussion

Brief History
    This band was an expanded version of The Duotronics.  Patty added a lot to the sound, and opened up a lot more song possibilities.  We sometimes added a drummer, and sometimes played under the T minus 1 name.  We frequently played at a couple of Lesbian bars in Ft. Lauderdale, the names of which escape me presently.  They were OK jobs, if a bit boring for Harry and me.  Poor Patty was hit on a few times (married, has a child, quite heterosexual), so it was probably less boring for her.
    Both The Duotronics and The Triotronics played "Classic Rock".  (You know you're getting old when your music is described as "Classic").  We did a lot of Beatles, (Drive My Car, Twist and Shout, Let It Be, etc.), Rolling Stones (Paint It Black), Cream (White Room, Sunshine of Your Love), Rascals (Love Is A Beautiful Thing, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore), and other groups from that era.

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