T minus 1 (a)

Approximate dates: 1984?-1985?
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents: many and forgotten
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Electric Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals, Percussion
    Harry James Hafferkamp - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
    Timothy Micah Meyer - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Chip Mills - Vocals, Guitar
    Randy Brush - Drums

Brief History
T minus 1 was actually two discrete groups that shared the same name, some of the same songs, and, of course, me.  The original lineup didn't include any computer sequencing technology, but we did have many synthesizers.  (Everyone in the band except Randy had at least one synth on stage, and I was using around four or five keyboards, including my first MIDI synthesizer, a Roland JX-3P.  I sold it, but then bought it back.  I still have it).  My complete set up included my trusty Hammond C-3 (450 lbs.), the obligatory Leslie 147 speaker (about 170 lbs.), a Yamaha CP-30 electric piano (around 150 lbs.), the JX-3P, a Casio 202, and at times, a Mellotron 400.  (The Hobbytron, as Harry named it, because it required so much maintenance).  The amplifier/mixer end of things was handled by a BiAmp 683 mixer, a Phase Linear 400, and a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo.  The second incarnation of the group eliminated the drummer (Necessity!  We couldn't find anyone who could count to four!) and used three drum machines, even more synthesizers and modules, and two computers (Commodores!).
Most people never even noticed that we didn't have a drummer (See T minus 1 (b)).

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