Left to Right: Timothy Micah Meyer, Scott Thomas Henderson, Richard Thomas Powell, Reuben David Ferguson

Left to Right, Back Row: Rick Bressler (drums); Martin Grieser (keyboards, band unknown); Glenn Roddy (Stargate); David Reddick (Stargate); Timothy Meyer; Don Williams, owner of Club 224; Cathy McCarthy (singer, Hezekiah.  She was also my current flame)
Center: Bass player, Ray, (fan); Reuben D. Ferguson
Front Row: Mitch, (bass guitar), Rikky Powell, Chuck Thaxton, Scott Henderson
This photo was taken after the last song of the last night of Brutus, at the Club 224 in Tiffin, Ohio, circa December, 1975.
Thanks to David Reddick, Charles Thaxton and Colleen Miller for supplying information I've forgotten.


These are pictures of Scott Henderson taken many years later when he was playing at the N.A.M.M. Convention in Los Angeles, California.
Photos by Reuben D. Ferguson.  All Rights Reserved.  Pictures displayed for viewing purposes only - Do not attempt to download.

Scott Henderson, taking a rare break while Jeff Berlin does a bass solo.
Photo taken at the N.A.M.M. Convention.

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