Peace and Quiet

Approximate dates: June, 1971 - August 12, 1971
Base of Operations: Boynton Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents: none
Originally ...
    Reuben David Ferguson - Synthesizers, Vocals, Percussion
    Bradley Peed - Guitar, Vocals
    James Tolliver - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Steve Hatch - Drums
Later ...
    William Dennis Gent - Drums, Vocals

Brief History
    This was another of those strange little bands.  We weren't very good, but it didn't seem to matter.  We worked continuously, although come to think of it, it was only in about two or three places.  We spent most of our time at the Sterling Lounge in Lake Park, Florida, where I met a really nice girl named Patty.  I saw her again briefly, years later, but I don't know what ever happened to her after that.
    Steve Hatch was a queer duck.  I still don't know exactly where he was coming from.  After we couldn't stand him anymore we fired him, or maybe he quit, I really don't remember. Bradley Peed was another character, but in a good way.  He was kind of like the mild-mannered type who would, under the right circumstances, transform himself into a wild man.  Very interesting.  Jim Tolliver was a real nice guy.  He was self-conscious about being so much older than the rest of us (He was 31.  Ha.) Bill Gent (see Bacchanalia) joined the band for a while before we broke up.  I don't know whatever happened to Brad, Jim, or Steve.
    The band played all sorts of weird stuff.  I remember The Grateful Dead and Deep Purple.  Quite a combination.

Promo Photograph
    We never had a promo photograph.

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