Mt. Everest
 The Studio Band

 These were taken at Triad Recording Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during the Because It's There sessions.  Vince was the engineer, and a blasted good one, too.

Left to Right: Reuben David Ferguson, Vincenzo Oliveri

Left to Right: Timothy M. Meyer, Melanie Meyer, Reuben D. Ferguson, Vincenzo Olivari

Poster Photo of Harry J. Hafferkamp

Reuben D. Ferguson
Keyboards Top to Bottom: Mini Moog, Yamaha CP-30 Electric Piano, ARP 2600 keyboard, top of ARP console

 Reuben at the Mighty Mellotron 400

Poster Photo of Reuben D. Ferguson

Tony Lavender, Drummer Extraordinarie

This photo was "staged"; i.e., we made it only because I had to have a complete group to show the A&R people.  Byron never played in this band, Tony was playing with another band if I remember correctly, and Chip only knew three of our songs.

Left to Right: Byron Buntin, Reuben D. Ferguson, Tony Lavender, Chip Mills, Harry J. Hafferkamp

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