Approximate dates:
Base of Operations:Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: none
Agents: none
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Piano, Vocals, Percussion
    Harry James Hafferkamp - Guitar, Vocals
    Chip Mills - Vocals, Guitar
    Tony Arnett - Bass Guitar
    John Way - Drums

Brief History
    I suppose this group was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I was working on a college degree at the same time that I was playing in this band, and I was a bit discouraged that with all of my experience, education, and skill (modesty has never been a problem with me) I was still working at "the local bar", in this case, Mr. Fubb's in Boynton Beach, Florida.  We were paid peanuts - ("... but you can have all the beer you want for free!  What's the problem?") - and couldn't seem to find steady work.  The drummer, John was, (how shall I put this delicately?) at best, not that good, and he was difficult to be around (does the truth hurt, John?  Good).  As it turned out, John, Chip, and Tony "quit", started a new band (with the same name, I think), and went on without Harry or me - in effect firing us.  I talked to Chip a while later and he said that John ended up giving him the screw job, too.
    I had had it.  I could no longer bear working with idiots with practically nothing to show for it, and I couldn't take starting another band from scratch for the umpteenth time.  So, I did what I said I would never do: I gave up.  The world of the business of music had managed to crush any spark of life that was left in my urge to succeed in pop music.  I decided to devote all of my creative energies toward writing and recording my music with no help, or hassle, from anyone else, and that's what I've been doing ever since.
    Maybe, someday,  I'll go back to live performance.  I do miss the performing end, but if I never set foot in another nightclub again as long as I live, that'll be fine with me.  I never want to have to deal with another crooked agent, manager, or club owner again, and the number of those individuals that I have dealt with over the years who have not been crooks I can count on the fingers of one hand.
    What, me bitter?  What ever gave you that idea?

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