These were never promo pictures, but they are among the few that I have of anyone in the band.

Reuben D. Ferguson on stage

Reuben David Ferguson

 This was taken in Findlay, Ohio at The Golden Nugget, a club on Main Street.

Bill Gent, Drummer Extraordinaire

William Dennis Gent, Drummer Extraordinaire

This was taken just outside of our house in Minneapolis, Minnesota

John Post, Troll

John Post, hoarder of candy bars
on the front porch.

Reuben D. Ferguson
Reuben D. Ferguson,
Dazed Floridian, freezing in Minnesota

Harry Hafferkamp, in the earliest incarnation of Bacchanalia

Another shot of Harry, playing a Farfisa Combo Compact organ.  There was a Leslie speaker cabinet behind him to his left.

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