Yours Truely

Approximate dates:1966-1967
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: none
Agents:  none
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ
    Greg Wood- Guitar
    Randy Kline - Guitar
    Steve Gale - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Jack (Saffron Morgan) Decker - Vocals, Percussion
    Tyrone Kline - Drums, Vocals & Leader

Brief History:
This was the second band that I was in that actually played jobs.  Our claim to fame was the Delray Civic Center ( a very popular hangout of the time!).  It really bugged me that "Truely" was spelled wrong, but I was outvoted by those who considered it "cool".

Promo Photograph
    We never had one, but we did have a business card! Here are some candid photos from that time period.

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