One-Third Off

Approximate dates: 1988/89?
Base of Operations: Delray Beach, Florida
Manager: Self-managed
Agents:  unknown (I was not involved with management)
    Reuben David Ferguson - Organ, Synthesizers, Vocals, Percussion
    Linda Morse - Guitar, Vocals
    Julie Little (Liddle?) - Vocals
    Gary ???? - Bass Guitar
    Two or three different, inadequate, forgotten drummers

Brief History:
    One of my rare complete breaks.  I had never worked with any of these people before, but I needed a job!  I was working my butt off, too: not only with the band, but at Hi Sea Music as well.  If I remember correctly, this was during the year that I took off between my Associate's degree and starting on my Bachelor's.

Promo Photograph
    I know we had some made, but I never got one.  Here are some live shots.

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